Travel Review: Pettah: Colombo’s Mad Market (2015)

Pettah is Colombo’s only massive market place. It is a modern bargain gala thrown together with buildings that have been around since the 1900s. It offers everything from street food to clothes to electronics; it’s colourful, crowded and hot. Either you’ll hate it, or you’ll love it, there’s no in-between. At first glance, this part … Read more

Poetry: Grandmother

My grandmother is beautiful Soft arms like crepe paper Thin wisps of hair, Like a baby After 84 years. How do I explain to her I need 50,000 rupees to take a nice picture? (lens shopping) How do I explain to her The world showing up on a black screen? (the internet) That an idea … Read more

Food Review: Poonie’s Kitchen (2015)

Poonie’s Kitchen is a new and unexpected find in the Galle Fort – much like the time we discovered The Original Rocket Burger during its glory days. They do some great food at reasonable prices, and get a full 5/5 for ambience. They really stick out among the tourist-friendly, mediocre-but-pricey trend of restaurants and cafes in the … Read more

Feminism: This is for my South Asian people

This is for my South Asian people. For the woman who walked up to my friend and told her she shouldn’t smoke. For the guy who pointed at the headphones over my hijab and said I shouldn’t listen to music. For the mother who tells her daughter she shouldn’t marry the man she chose. For … Read more

Feature Writing: Pimp My Tuk

If you live in Sri Lanka you might have noticed that the average tuk tuk here is pimped out with interesting pictures, wise sayings and miscellaneous decor (plastic grapes seem to be the latest trend). Our tuk tuk drivers express themselves through their three wheeler bling, whether it’s a ‘Power Of Jesus’ or ‘Masha Allah’ … Read more

Comedy/Satire: A Modest Proposal (With Apologies To Mr. Swift)

The number of unmarried women in South and East Asia has been gradually but surely rising at a worrying rate, and it has become the cause of much justified perplexity and angst of the older womenfolk (see Aunties) of our communities. And who could blame them? Indeed they have the right to be concerned, for … Read more

Art/Event Review: Art at the Rio Cinema (2015)

The Rio Cinema is an old crumbling relic from the 1980’s. It remains mostly unchanged since then, and has seen a lot happen on the streets around it, especially the madness from our communal riots and civil war. Maybe because I’m only in my 20s and have not been exposed to much art outside Colombo, or … Read more